About us


Founded in 2021, Caramel Rose Homeware provides a unique selection of sustainably sourced, aesthetically pleasing home décor. 

Inspired by modern ideas with a traditional essence, our products are carefully chosen to give your home a touch of beauty and state-of-the-art sophistication. 

We encourage you to visit our page where you can expect to shop our homeware range or simply be inspired.



With a background in Design, Fashion Buying & Brand Management, Temi Grant founded Caramel Rose Homeware with a focus on introducing modernity to traditional homeware pieces. Each piece has been uniquely sourced sustainably and crafted by a variety of artisans worldwide. 

Caramel Rose Homeware has exceeded expectations thus far and has been recognised by major publications such as Glamour, Readers Digest, Take a Break Magazine and Boutique Magazine. The brand has also been Awarded 'Best Small Home Décor Business in London'  by Luxlife and SME Awards. 

You can shop Caramel Rose Homeware products via the website, Etsy, The Black Pound Day Store in Westfield Shepherds Bush and Soso Retro in Camden.