We source our products from the most sustainable and accredited factories from across the world.
As a small business, our handmade cushion covers and
throws are produced locally whilst our vases are sourced
internationally from two major suppliers. 

All scented candles on our website are composed of 100% soy wax. 



Merlin Living Collection Co., Ltd, established
15 yrs ago, and began foreign trade in 2013.
Merlin is located on the Ceramic Capital of
China, Chaozhou. The factory has a huge 
production market in ceramic crafts with products
such as vases, candle holders etc. The factory is 50,000 square meters and 40,000sq. M of warehouse for inventory and production. Merlin Living is BSCI certified.







Founded in 2006, Chaozhou JIAYU Ceramics Making Co Ltd. is a ceramic  company combining the development, manufacturing and exportation of daily Ceramicware. Situated in Chaozhou Guangdong with 20,000square meters of manufacturing space and more than 200 employees in total, the company has passed BSCI,ISO9001 certification of quality management. 






For our handmade cushion covers, we use 100% sustainable cotton for production. All our textiles consists of care labels, along with with fabric compositions.




We are working towards reducing our impact on the environment and are gradually making improvements to how we operate. All our customer packaging supplies are manufactured from recycled materials, and we try to indicate where items are recyclable and degradable.





As a small business, ethical practices like equal pay and
safe working environments are of great importance to us.
We are a small team and we are responsible
for our salaries. Asides our stockists, we run Caramel Rose
Homeware from our home office to ensure smooth, safe
and ethical measures are being met.